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If you are searching for a cheap cloud hosting service with warp-10 fast SSD VPS cloud servers and 100% KVM Virtualization, then Vultr is a very good option for beginners to start their online business. On this blog, I’m going to give you a $100 free bonus if you sign in with my link, which you can use to deploy or create your project for free.

Vultr Overview

Vultr provides high-performance SSD cloud servers and aims to create the most reliable and efficient service for launching blazing-fast SSD cloud servers.

Vultr offers 100% SSD using the latest generation of AMD or Intel CPUs on their plans. You can choose between 14 low-latency locations around the world, and you get your cloud server instance spun up in 60 seconds on Vultr.

Vultr’s cheapest cloud hosting plan starts at $6 per month. Sign up with Vultr using our link, and they’ll add $100 to your account to try out their cloud hosting platform! 
Here is our Vultr review (2022 update), and it will help you decide if you should buy cloud hosting from Vultr in 2022.


Vultr: Cheap Cloud Hosting


  • A wide range of datacenters 
  • A feature-rich control panel 
  • Hourly billing 
  • Reliable hosting services.
  • The design and interface are very user-friendly.
  • 8 public cloud servers and 4 dedicated cloud server plans
  • Quick account activation


  • No live chat and phone support. 
  • There is no standalone MySQL or FTP service. 
  • Servers aren’t always available. 
  • Payments are made on the 1st of the month. 
  • Some developers may encounter issues such as blocked SMTP.

Why to choose Vultr Web Hosting.

Vultr is one of the best cloud hosting platforms for developers and website owners. I was using Digital Ocean and AWS earlier, but because of the rapid pricing increase, I switched over to Vultr. It has the same clutter-free user interface and is easy to manage. Better security, firewall protection, etc. massive documentation for services, fast responses to tickets, and chat support.

Vultr also gives the option to deploy a Windows and Linux server with licensing. It offers some paid applications like WordPress, Plesk, cPanel, etc.

Recommendations to others considering Vultr:

Digital Ocean Vultr recently changed its pricing structure, and if you are looking for the best and most performant VPS partner, then Vultr is a great option to consider.

What problems is Vultr solving, and how is that benefiting you?

I manage high-traffic websites with low-cost servers. Earlier, I was using Digital Ocean and AWS. They have now changed their pricing structure, and Vultr has not. But knowing about Vultr, they provide high performance at a very competitive price with the best customer support.

I use Vultr for hosting my ERP web application and a few other Linux-based services. I’ve taken the Ubuntu instance from Vultr, and it’s easy to access and manage via SSH.

So for me, using Vultr is great for learning, developing, experimenting, and trying new projects. Its server environment is almost ideal. It’s just to say: if an application doesn’t work well on Vultr, there are no chances it won’t work well elsewhere.

What do I dislike about Vultr?

There is nothing much to dislike about Vultr Cloud. However, earlier, they didn’t have any data centers in India, but they have now launched in Bangalore and Delhi NCR. But I am still waiting for high-frequency servers, which are currently not available in the Mumbai region.

Vultr also has some disadvantages: there is no server in Hong Kong; no support for large-scale scale businesses; no support for database services; etc. The network from Vultr is not having a very good experience, especially in China.

Vultr is suitable for small-scale applications and projects. It provides good service, but sometimes “support” is not that good, which is the only thing I dislike.

What do I like about Vultr?

The most significant advantage of Vultr is its clarity. Almost no learning is required to use Vultr. However, in order to use AWS, you must be familiar with their control panel. Likewise, its user experience is very cleverly designed so that the features you need can be accessed quickly. Compared to Microsoft Azure and AWS, Vultr can create virtual machines easily, cheaper, and easier to debug compared to other VPS. Vultr’s machine will correctly identify your public IP address.

Therefore, it is very suitable for learning, experimenting, and deploying open source applications or projects.

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